Cebu, January 2020 – violent crime

Jan. 1 – past noon. Junrey Abapo, So. Paradise 2, Brgy. Kinasang-an Pardo, Cebu City. The victim was chased and shot dead by an unidentified assailant. Two other persons, including a minor, were injured. The police said that the victim had been an asset of the Mambaling Police Station

Jan. 1 – around 1PM. Pedro “Peter” Reyes, 45, So. Naba, Mambaling, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead inside his house by unidentified assailant(s). The police said that drug paraphernalia were recovered from the house.

Jan. 1 – 7:30PM. Rogelio “Dodong” Garcia, 53, Purok 6, Brgy. Nangka, Consolacion, and his brother Marcel Garcia, 50, So. Cambiohan, Brgy. Casili, Consolacion. The two brothers were shot by an unidentified person near a supermarket. Marcel had a heated argument with assailant. Rogelio tried to intervene but was killed on the spot. Marcel expired at 4AM.

Jan. 7 – 6AM. A farmer was shot with an improvised rifle by another farmer – his neighbor – in Brgy. Amatugan, Tuburan.

Jan. 7 – past 1PM. Arnold Albano, 34, habal-habal driver, So. Kalubihan, Brgy. Basak San Nicolas, Cebu City. The victim was putting up posters of the habal-habal drivers’ association to which he belonged, when a man approached him and shot him in the head and the body.

Jan. 7 – around 4PM. Arniel Salandron, 31, Brgy. Kinasang-an Pardo, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead by two men. The two were allegedly identified by witnesses .

Jan. 7 – evening. Richard Elemino, a 36-year old truck driver, was stabbed to death by his truck boy after having celebrated his (Elemino’s) birthday at So. Fatima, Brgy. Tinaan, Naga City.

Jan. 10. Edgardo Marco Corbo, 34, mentally disturbed, Brgy. Labogon, Mandaue City. The victim’s body was found in Brgy. Puente, Carmen, around 7 in the morning. His face, neck and ears had been skinned. Eventually the body was identified by the victim’s brother who confirmed that Edgardo was mentally challenged and left his home last November. Edgardo like Puente because the people there were kind and gave him food. The police said that the suspects are two brothers who might have thought the victim was a police asset and responsible for the killing of their older brother in November.

Jan. 11 – 10:30PM. Joel Cabrera, 35, and his brother Jelvis Cabrera, 30, Santa Rita, Brgy. Dumlog, Talisay City, were shot dead by their neighbor, Police Staff Sgt. Sydney Alisoso. The two brothers threw stones at Alisoso’s house. The police officer called the police station for help but when the police arrived, they found the two Cabrera brothers already lying lifeless outside the house. Alisoso surrendered and is detained at the police station (as of January 12).

Jan. 14 – past 11PM. Unidentified male person. Was shot dead along road in Brgy. Pit-os, Cebu City. The victim’s eyes were taped with packaging tape. (As of report in CDN Digital posted 11:49PM Jan. 16.)

Jan. 15, 11PM. Porferio Tolomia , 72, and his wife Anatalia, 74, Brgy. Ba-e, Sibonga. The victims were shot dead by intruders. Hipolito, their 41-year old son, was shot dead in the same house on Dec. 16 2019.

House of Tolomia family at Brgy. Ba-e, Sibonga. Three members of the family shot dead by intruders in one month. From Radio Dyla

JAN. 16 – past 3PM. Federico Limoran Jr., residing at Brgy. Talamban, Cebu City, had been released from jail in October 2018, a father of four. The victim was walking along the road in Purok 3 Upper, Brgy. Camputhaw, Cebu City, when he was attacked by four gunmen and shot dead

Jan. 17. A 33-year old man was shot in the leg by an unidentified gunman at Brgy. Calamba, Cebu City. The victim reported refused to be attended to by the responding medical team.

Jan. 19 (Sinulog Sunday) – 10 PM. “Loloy”, So. Riles, Brgy. Hipodromo, Cebu City. The victim was sitting outside his house when an unidentified gunman walked up to him and shot him in the head. The assailant’s companion was waiting on a motorcycle. The killing happened during the Sinulog fireworks display.

Jan. 20 – late evening. Richelieu Tudtud, 40, So. San Vicente, Brgy. Mabolo, Cebu City. The victim was chased by the killer all the way to his house where the killer shot dead Tudtud. The police said they recovered “many drug paraphernalia” from the victim’s house. The victim was living alone.

Jan. 21 – 6:50AM. Angelo Añasco, 41, construction worker, Brgy. Tabionan, San Fernando. The victim was stabbed to death at Northwood Residences construction site in Brgy. Canduman, Mandaue City.

Angelo Añasco’s lifeless body. From Facebook

Jan. 23 – early evening. Roger Moneva Capuyan, free lance bodyguard, a former soldier, Danao City. The victim was on his way to Lapu Lapu City on a motorcycle (backrider) when attached by riding in tandem in Brgy. Subangdaku, Mandaue City.

Roger Capuyan. From Facebook

Jan. 23 – early evening. Ryan Repollo Señas, So. San Roque, Brgy. Lamac, Consolacion. The victim was attacked by five unidentified male persons in his own home and shot dead. He had recently been arrested for robbery/holdup and was out on bail.

Jan. 25 – 3AM. Oliver Getamondoc, 42, habalhabal driver and exconvict, Brgy. Dumalan, Dalaguete, was shot dead on his way home from a disco/fiesta at Brgy. Ablayan, Dalaguete. The suspect, a farmer from Brgy. Babayongan, Dalaguete, is still at large.

Oliver Getamondoc of Brgy. Dumalan, Dalaguete. From Facebook.

Jan. 25 – night. Dailyn Melecio, 24, Brgy. Liburon, Carcar City, was stabbed to death by her husband, reportedly in a fit of jealousy. The husband then burned down the house.

Jan. 26 – past 6PM. Benjoe Belandres, 39, small town lottery (STL) coordinator, Brgy. Cawayan, Dalaguete. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem while riding a motorcycle with his live-in partner at Brgy. Coro, Dalaguete.

Jan. 29 – noon time. Dennis Lagana Escarilla, 32, So. Silangan, Brgy. Tinago, Cebu City. The victim was on his way home to take lunch when he was stabbed to death at Arellano Street, Cebu City. The suspect Rolly Dela Cruz Alfanoso, 40, the victim’s neighbor, was arrested.

Jan. 29 – 6PM. Manuel Nadera, 45, Brgy. Canbanua, Argao. The victim was shot dead by Edwin Villarin at Brgy. Baklaw Mabasa, Argao. The suspect surrendered to authorities.

Jan. 30 – 2:15PM. A 15-year old high school student was stabbed by a 19-year old suspect at Cabancalan National High School, Mandaue City. The motive was jealousy.

Jan. 30. The body of Mario Buendia Martel, 34-year old bodyguard, So. Kabayabsan, Brgy. Cambanay, Danao City. The victim had last been seen by his family on January 25 and had been reported missing, was found at a vacant lot at So. Banaba, Brgy. Guinsay, Danao City. The body had gunshot wounds at the back of the head and in the back.

Mario Buendia Martel went missing for several days until his body was found. From Facebook

Jan. 31 – 2AM. Pedro Tolomia, Jr. , 36, farmer, So. Gipon, Purok Maloloy-on, Brgy. Manatad, Sibonga. The victim was shot dead inside his hut.

Jan. 31 – before 11PM. A 45-year old man was shot and wounded by unidentified suspect at his home. The victim was brought to Cebu City Medical Center. No updates on his condition.

Sources: Superbalita Cebu, Sunstar Cebu, CDN Digital, The Freeman, Banat News, DYHP, DYLA, Bombo Radyo Cebu, Facebook

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