Violent Crime in Cebu, March 2020

March 1, 4PM. Nicanor Neiez, wanted for murdering his neighbor in Dumanjug, was found stabbed to death at Brgy. Anajao, Argao.

March 1, 9PM. Raymond Andrade, 29, just out of jail for illegal drugs case. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem while he was celebrating with friends at a videoke bar in San Francisco, Camotes.

March 4, 1AM. Ediliza Andrino, 45, So. Kawit, Brgy. Ermita, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead while visiting a neighbor’s house. The police said that her husband and son are jailed for illegal drugs cases.

March 4, past 10PM. Bernard Espinosa, 42, (of Kasambagan, Cebu City or Banilad, Mandaue City). The victim was shot dead at St. Michael Village, Brgy. Kasambagan, Cebu City.

March 6, 8PM. Paul August Maglasang Noynay, 29, Brgy. Pulpogan, Consolacion. Four persons barged in to the house (owned by the victim’s sister) and shot dead the victim. According to the police, the victim was a suspect in the robbery of a gasoline station in Cansaga, Consolacion, on November 19, 2019.

Paul Noynay. From his Facebook account.

March 6, late evening. Ramie Apas, a former tanod, was stabbed to death at Brgy. Pit-os, Cebu City, by another man who was driven by jealousy. The suspect surrendered.

March 7 (Saturday), dawn. Loreben Ngujo, 22, So. Lapyahan, Brgy. Labogon, Mandaue City. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem. He was sitting at the road side in Lapyahan when shot dead.

March 7, 6:40PM. Markgel Borces Cribello, 34, vendor of newspapers and bottled water. The victim was stabbed twice in the back at Hernan Cortes Street, Brgy. Cabancalan, Manduae City.

March 9 – a public health emergency is declared

March 9, evening. Gilda Mapait Ilustrisimo, 40, Brgy. Taytayan, Bogo City. The victim’s cranium was cracked after having been hit with a hard object.

March 10, 10PM. Edgar Asis Egdamin, 39, habalhabal driver, Brgy. Quiot, Cebu City. The victim was shot to death at Rocky Hills, Brgy. Tisa, Cebu City. His passenger was not hurt.

March 10, 9PM. James Daniel Espinosa, 18, Grade 11 student, Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City. The victim was stabbed to death by two suspects at So. Mahayahay, Brgy. Pardo, Cebu City. As of March 11, one suspect has been caught.

James Daniel Espinosa, a son, grandson, classmate, friend to many.

March 11, past 12 noon. Maria Liza Berongan Toledo, municipal councilor of Ginatilan. The victim was shot dead in front of the municipal hall where she had just attended a session. The police said that she was likely shot with a sniper rifle. The victim was allegedly involved in drugs. Her (former) common-law-husband is serving time in New Bilibid Prison for a 2001 murder.

March 11, evening. An uidentified man known only as “Satanas” was shot dead inside an internet café at Orchids Street, So. San Roque, Brgy. Capitol Site, Cebu City, where he was playing an online game.

March 12, morning. The body of an unidentified male person was found at So. Lapyahan, Brgy. Labogon, Mandaue City. The face was covered in packaging tape and hands restricted with handcuffed. The body was partly burnt. Update March 15: the victim was identified as Gary Pateños Teonis, 33, Brgy. Tapon, Dumanjug.

March 13, 2AM. The bullet riddled body of “Jan Jan” Borromeo, Brgy. Candulawan, Talisay City, was found at Salvador, Brgy. Tangke, Talisay City. The victim is a ‘high value individual’ and also said to have molested a woman. The police say they found shabu on the dead body.

March 15, 2AM. P/Cpl. Vincent Mary “Inting” Delos Reyes Arboladura, 37, Brgy. Jampang, Argao, assigned with 2nd Provincial Mobile Force Company in Moalboal, Cebu. The victim was driving his motorcycle going home when shot dead by riding in tandem in high way, Brgy. Bugas, Badian.

P/Cpl. Arboladura. From Facebook.

March 15, early morning. Roland Manigo, 40, Mabolo, Cebu City. Two suspects went to his place and shot and wounded him. The victim said they had a quarrel the night before.

March 15, 9PM. Jimmy Limabaga, 44, was shot and killed at Brgy. Tubod, Minglanilla.

March 16, early morning. The lifeless body of Ronnie Mojillo, 50, a charcoal maker, was found by his son near their home at So. Lantawan, Brgy. Sinsin, Cebu City.

March 16 – the country is placed under a state of calamity

March 19, afternoon. Jovanie Antipolo Cabasag, 27, Pansil, Barili. The victim’s body was found at Brgy. Magcagong, Sibonga. He had a gunshot wound in his head and his hands were tied at the back.

Jovanie Cabasag died a violent death. From Facebook

March 21, 7AM (Saturday, Cebu under community quarantine due to Covid-19). Bobby Badajos, 45, So. Kilawan, Brgy. Tangke, Talisay City. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem at So. Kilawan. He was a trisikad driver. He was released from jail July of last year after entering a plea bargaining agreement in connection with a drug case.

March 21, 9AM (Saturday, Cebu under community quarantine due to Covid-19). P/Cpl. Marlon Montermoso Belleres, residing at Deca Homes, Brgy. Dumlog, Talisay City but a native of Macrohon, Southern Leyte. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem in Dumlog as he rode his motorcycle on his way to the Cebu City Police Office. Belleres was a member of the Cebu City Police Office Mobile Patrol Group.

March 25, 6:30PM. Patricia Manloloyo, 45, So. Pajo, Brgy. Pitalo, San Fernando. The victim was shot dead at her place by her brother-in-law.

March 26. Denver Aying, 19, Brgy. Pajac, Lapu Lapu City. The victim was shot dead at So. Kangitnit, Brgy. Maribago, Lapu Lapu City. A suspect was identified.

March 26, 6AM. Dexter Delantar, 45, masseur, So. All Season, Brgy. Cogon Pardo, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead in front of his house by a man who reportedly belonged to the same ‘organization’ as the victim.

Sources: CDN Digital, Superbalita, Sun Star Cebu, Banat News, The Freeman, DYHP, Radio DYLA, ASB News

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