Violent crime in Cebu, April and May 2020

Note: the entire Cebu – towns and cities – is under enhanced community quarantine since end of March due to COVID-19.

April 2, dawn. Mark Padin (survived), Bangbang, Cordova. The victim was attacked at his house by his girlfriend’s ex-boyfriend who shot him in the head. The victim managed to go to the barangay hall and ask for help.

April 2, 7PM. Renato Sotto Evangelista, 26, So. Latasan, Brgy. Labogon, Mandaue City, and Dexter Lague Ronamo, 29, Loboc, Bohol, were found shot dead at Brgy. Alambijud, Argao. Evangelista had previously been arrested for drugs and was out on plea bargaining. The two men were staying with relatives at Alambijud.

April 2, 7PM. Zosimo Callora, 30, a barangay tanod of Brgy. Labogon, Mandaue City, was shot and wounded by a suspect whom he pursued at So. Lapyahan together with the police.

April 3, 4AM. A 19-year old man was shot dead by a friend at Campo Drive, Brgy. Inayawan, Cebu City, because of a disagreement over a card game.

April 4, 7PM. Reynaldo Casipong Gaviola, 45, Brgy. Pulpogan, Consolacion. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem along the highway in Brgy. Poblacion Occidental, Consolacion. The victim had been released on plea bargain in December 2019.

April 6, 1PM. Jaymar Carpentero, 27, factory worker, So. Suba Masulog, Basak, Lapu Lapu City. The victim was mixing milk for his young child in front of his house when he was shot dead by unidentified gunman who had a motorcycle with driver waiting,

Jaymar Carpentero, From Facebook

April 8, early morning. Aldrin Larasan, 22, security guard, So. Kadasig, Brgy. Tisa, Cebu City, had just returned home from duty when he was shot and wounded by an unidentified gunman .

April 8. Fernando Santa Ana, 29, farmer, Brgy. Cang-actol, Dumanjug, sustained 12 stab wounds and reported to be in critical condition. The attacker was his neighbor who was arrested in the evening.

April 8. Bernard “Bina” Canumay, Brgy. Bato, Toledo City. The victim was killed on the spot after having been shot by what appears to be a close relative. The victim was a father of nine children, the youngest not yet two months old.

April 9 (Maundy Thursday), 6:45AM. Rosinda Pantonial, 43, Maguikay, Mandaue City, was home having a video call with her husband when an unidentified man shot and wounded her.

April 10 (Good Friday) afternoon. Erwin Millosa, 37, Brgy. Pulangbato, Cebu City, was shot and killed near his house. The suspect, a “friend” of the victim, was arrested by the police.

April 11 (Black Saturday), 5AM. Bodies of two men whose throats have been cut with wire are found in a ravine in So. Bogo, Campo 4, Talisay City. One is later identified as Alvin Medillo, 32, truck helper, so. Silangan 2, Brgy. Tejero, Cebu City. The other victim is identified as Anicito Enriquez, truck driver, of Getafe, Bohol. Residents at So. Bogo say a vehicle arrived in the area around 9:30PM and dumped the bodies.

April 11, 6PM. Lemjon Bansalan Sarcena, construction worker, was shot and wounded by a tanod at Brgy. Tubod, Sibonga. The suspect surrendered.

April 12 (Easter Sunday). Mae Hyacinth Abellana Quista, 27, Brgy. Pasil, Cebu City. The victim who was pregnant died after having been shot twice in the head by a certain Jerel Paca Dela Torre while she was sitting outside her house. The police arrested the suspect at his house, also in Pasil. According to the police, the brothers of the victim are in prison due to drug related cases.

April 19, 1:30AM. Eric Calzada, 42, a suspected drug pusher, was shot dead inside his home at Brgy. Dongoan, Danao City. The gunmen broke into the house, murdered Calzada, and left on their motorcycle.

April 23. Ronilo “Negro” Baguio, 47, So. Ponce, Brgy. Carreta, Cebu City. The victim was watching TV when he was shot. His condition was reported to be critical. The police have arrested the suspect.

April 26, 4AM. Rufina Allawan, 72, Purok 3, Brgy. Cansalonoy, Ronda. The victim was killed by her own 38-year old daughter.

April 28. P/Msgt. Douglas Maravillas , Asturias, Provincial Mobile Force Company. Maravillas was shot and wounded by an unidentified person during a police intelligence operation against a marijuana plantation in Brgy. Panamihan, Toledo City. Update: the suspects were arrested on May 2.

April 28. Roger Adolfo, 9, So. Kumon, Brgy. Bacayan, Cebu City. The victim was beaten with a broom by his stepfather. The beating only stopped when the boy fainted. He died at the hospital.

May 1. Jalzie Anodin, 27, construction worker, was stabbed to death in Brgy. Catarman, Liloan by a 29-year old drug addict who accused the victim of being a police asset.

May 3, 7PM. Rogelio Buhawi, So. Lub-ang, Brgy. Casuntingan, Mandaue City. The victim was shot and wounded by his neighbor.

May 4. Christopher Mepieza Albo , 41, was shot dead after having entered the house of Victoriano Alegado, 45, and stabbed the latter’s live-in-partner and a visitor in the head and abdomen, respectively. Alegado got his gun and shot Albo to death.

May 7. Anelita Andoque was killed by her own 25-year old son, a mentally unstable former seaman at their home in Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City. Mother and son had a quarrel about the household quarantine pass when the son slit the throat of his mother, killing her.

May 8, past 3PM. Robert Oliveros, 24, So. All Seasons 1, Brgy. Cogon Pardo, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead by Francisco and Geric Gabuya of So. Tayud, Brgy. Basak Pardo, according to eye witnesses, at So. All Seasons 3. The victim had reportedly threatened volunteer frontliners earlier. The police said that both victim and suspects were involved in drugs.

May 9. A 26-year old mother who was bathing her child was attacked and stabbed numerous times with a kitchen knife by her neighbor Edelberto Condeno, 52, at Brgy. Linao, Daanbantayan. Condeno then stabbed himself to death. His wife told the police that her husband had suffered a nervous breakdown. The victim survived the attack.

May 11, around 2:15AM. Ardel “Ading” Mariquit, 28, Brgy. Pung-ol Sibugay, Cebu City. The victim was found dead, shot in the head, at So. Badjawan, Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City.

May 12. Froilan Indig Golosino , 33, farmer, Brgy. Patong, Badian. The victim was found dead at a mountainous area of the barangay. His head had been crushed with rocks.

May 12. Christian Gatdula, a tricycle driver, was shot and wounded at Brgy. Tinaan, City of Naga. The suspect was arrested with an unidentified accomplice still at large.

May 13. Siegfred Mabia was killed when Noren Castro, 22, tried to shoot a 16-year old boy with whom he had a quarrel. The bullet went through the shoulder of the 16-year old and fatally hit Mabia. The incident happened at Brgy. Ermita, Cebu City.

May 16, night. Mark Cabrera Intrina, 16, was stabbed to death by his own father who was drunk. The latter also stabbed and wounded the neighbors. This happened at So. Lower, Brgy. Bugho, Moalboal.

May 18, 6AM. Ronaldo Villabas, fisherman, was shot dead in Brgy. Mahawak, Medellin. The suspect surrendered himself and the firearm to authorities.

May 18. John Muaña of So. Naba, Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City, was shot dead by unidentified suspect(s) at Puntod Alaska, Brgy. Mambaling. The victim had reportedly attacked Jopith Conel, an ECQ volunteer, at Mambaling, who “denied him entry when he (Muaña) allegedly wanted to buy shabu on May 16,” according to the police (Sun Star Cebu, May 19, 2020).

May 19. Felix Amper, 53, farmer, was shot dead at So. Malbog, Brgy. Salug, Dalaguete. The 39-year old suspect, also a farmer and neighbor of the victim, was arrested. Victim and suspect had a personal conflict.

May 22, 6PM. Reymond Regis, a 43-year old ex-convict, a resident of So. Macarosa, Brgy. Tejero, Cebu City, was shot in the head and killed by an unidentified suspect at So. Macarosa, Brgy. Tejero. The victim’s case involved drugs.

May 22, 10PM. Randy Aguirre, 41, Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City. The victim was stabbed to death by a 35-year old suspect whom he (the victim) owed P1,200 and who tried to collect the debt.

May 23, 10:45PM. Philip Warren Abatayo , 31, ex-convict, Purok Lomboy, so. Napo, Brgy. Guindaruhan, Minglanilla. Three bonnet-wearing men barged into the victim’s house, dragged him outside and shot him in the head. The victim expired at the hospital at 5 o’clock in the morning. He was released from jail March 5 this year due to plea bargain. He served time for a drug case.

May 24, 1AM. Felomino “Minoy” Acuña, parish maintenance carpenter, was shot dead by the parish security guard inside the church compound in Carcar City. The two men had a conflict.

May 25, shortly past midnight. Only known as “Agu” in So. Lawis, Brgy. Mambaling, Cebu City, this 34-year old ECQ volunteer was beaten to death by three suspects who barged into his residence. The victim was not from the place and had no relatives there.

May 26, 2AM. Rey Vincent Suize, 24, Brgy. Bitoon, Dumanjug, was stabbed to death in his home by his own father. Cause? An intoxicated father got mad at his son for waking him up. The suspect has been arrested and is facing parricide charge.

May 26, 4PM. Juanito Flores Ole, 35, So. Caputatan, Brgy. Guinacot, Danao City, served time in New Bilibid Prison for drug case. The victim was shot dead by two unidentified persons at Oliver Street, Brgy. Poblacion, Danao City.

May 27, 8:40AM. Benedicto Sumagang, security agency supervisor and retired policeman, was shot dead by one of the agency’s security guards while a female security guard was shot and wounded. The suspect then took his own life. The incident happened at the office of the security agency at A.S. Fortuna, Mandaue City.

May 28, morning. A man known only as Ethyl was shot dead while sleeping by an unidentified killer at Brgy. Sto. Niño, Cebu City. A similar killing happened again in the evening.

May 28, 2:35PM. Brazilio Borinaga, Retired Police Staff Sgt., Camp Marina, Brgy. Kalunasan, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead in front of his house. The unidentified gunman shot the victim in the head. Update (May 29): Cebu City Police Office forms Special Investigation Task Force. Also, they say they received reports that the victim was involved in drugs.

May 28, around 4PM. Jesserel Farra, 22, sales lady/cashier at a bake shop in Brgy. Santa Cruz-Santo Niño, Balamban, was shot dead by a customer. The customer got angry when asked to keep his place in the line and observe physical distancing. He went home, got his caliber .45 and went back to the store and shot dead Ms. Farra. The suspect has been arrested.

May 28, past 10PM. A man known only as Candle Light, about 30 years old, a native of Carcar City and selling candles at the St. Niño Basilica, was shot dead by an unidentified gunman. The victim was sleeping in his small hut at So. Lutaw-Lutaw, Brgy. Sto. Niño, Cebu City, when the killer walked up to him and shot him four times. A motorcycle then picked up the killer. A similar killing happened in the same barangay in the morning (see above).

May 29. Thelma Leonor Patalinghug, 73, Brgy. Candaguit, Sibonga, was found dead in her house on May 30. She had been stabbed. Update: a suspect has been arrested.

May 30, 5PM. Leonides Norte, 47, Asturias, was stabbed dead by his friend. They had been attending a fiesta celebration. The murder weapon was the knife used to slice the lechon. The suspect has been arrested.

May 30, 5PM. James Tabasa , 38, was walking down the road when shot and wounded at Brgy. Pakigne, Minglanilla. The suspect is still at large.

May 31, 1AM. Richard Moreno, 37, was shot dead by an unidentified suspect at Tabura Street, Poblacion, Brgy. Pardo, Cebu City.

May 31, 6:30PM. Basilio Putian, Jr., 52, was stabbed to death by his neighbors at Brgy. Malabago, Moalboal. The suspects surrendered.

Sources: Sun Star Cebu, Superbalita Cebu, The Freeman, Banat News, CDN Digital, Radio DYLA, DYHP/RMN, Facebook

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