Violent Crime in Cebu, November 2020

Nov. 1 (Sunday). Wilson “Wiwis” Alcordo Ledesma, 31, So. Tangasan, Brgy. Valladolid, Carcar City. The victim was shot and hacked to death by the suspect at So. Dam, Brgy. Poblacion 1, Carcar City. The suspect, a 34-year old security guard with residence at Poblacion 3, Carcar City, was arrested the following day in Brgy. Sangi, Toledo City. The victim was arrested in December 2012 for involvement in shooting incidents that resulted to the death of two young men on May 30 of that year. The violence was related to rivalry between two fraternities and the murder of Carl Vinson Apura, the son of the mayor, on May 13, 2012.

Nov. 2. Darwin Yburan, 42, traffic enforcer of Cebu City Traffic Office, and his brother Dwight, 39, Brgy. Bulacao, Cebu City. Two or three unidentified suspects entered the home of the brothers and shot the two. It appears that Darwin was the target. He died shortly after the attack. Dwight passed away on November 8.

Nov. 6. Friday. Rodelio Dungog, 38, Brgy. Calawisan, Lapu Lapu City. The victim was sleeping when the two suspects arrived and shot him dead. The suspects have been identified.

Nov. 6, 9PM. Edwin Moralde, 58, former employee of Lapu Lapu City Public Market, Brgy. Babag, Lapu Lapu City. Five unidentified suspects entered the victim’s house and shot him dead.

Nov. 6, 9:30PM. Ray Godinez Yuson , 39, businessman, So. Fatima, Brgy Jubay, Liloan. The victim was shot dead while he was driving his car, his bag stolen at Brgy. Pitogo, Consolacion.

Nov. 9, 6:30PM. Nico Niño Cabahug Perez, 20, Sudlon, Brgy. Maguikay, Mandaue City. The victim was shot dead by riding in tandem at the intersection of Cebu North Road and Canduman Road, Brgy. Basak, Mandaue City. His 60-year old mother was wounded. The mother and son were riding a taxi, coming from the court where Nico Niño had posted bail. He was arrested in a drug buy bust operation in Consolacion on November 7.

Nico Niño Cabahug Perez. From Facebook

Nov. 11, 2020. Porferio Reyes, Jr. , former barangay kagawad of Brgy. Balao, Barili. The victim was shot dead by a 41-year old man who was identified by the victim’s son. The suspect was arrested in Dumanjug on November 12. The motive was reportedly jealousy and the suspect had previously tried to kill Reyes.

Nov. 13. Jovani Pacaña Dayangco, 37, airport police at the Mactan Cebu International Airport, residence of Brgy. Ocaña, Carcar City. The victim had just returned to his home from work and was outside when riding in tandem arrived and shot him dead.

Nov. 17, 2020, 3AM. Bladie Mherl Badayos, 22, So. Kilawan, Brgy. Tanke, Talisay City. The victim was outside near his home when an unidentified suspect walked up to him and shot him in the head. The victim was allegedly drug user and sold drugs according to the police.

Nov. 19, morning. Vincent “Shiote” Yu Cañada, 29, resident (but not native) of Brgy. Lorega-San Miguel, Cebu City, processor of car sales at a bank. The body of the victim was found in Brgy. Garing, Consolacion. The hands were tied on the back and the face covered with packaging tape. Friends and relatives of Cañada reported him missing on Nov. 18

Shiote Cañada. From his Facebook

Nov. 21, 5AM. Arlene Buenafe, 31, housemaid, was shot dead while two of her three companions – including her employer who is an employee of Badian Municipal Assessor’s Office, were wounded, when the tricycle they were riding was attacked at Brgy. Basak, Badian.

Nov. 23, early afternoon. Joey Luis Wee, 51, lawyer, Cebu City. The victim was climbing the stairs leading to his office in Brgy. Kasambagan, Cebu City, when he was shot dead unidentified suspects. Update: on Dec. 8, the NBI arrested Fausto Edgar Peralta, a member of Philippine Army 1985-90, officer in charge of a security agency with branches in various parts of the country, in Laguna. Peralta is allegedly the triggerman. Together with five other suspects he reportedly flew to Cebu on November 13 to carry out the murder. Update January 20 2021: Peralta points to Ret. Army Lt. Col. Edwin F. Layese as the person who contracted Peralta and his group to murder Atty. Wee. Layese is in custody of the NBI.

Nov. 28, 2020. Grace Gabutan, 34, businesswoman, Gabutan Compound, Brgy. Guadalupe, Cebu City. The victim was parking her car in the garage when she was shot dead by unidentified triggerman. The victim’s sister was once the wife of a “drug lord” who is jailed in Cebu City. The son (from another relationship) of the “drug lord” was arrested in a drug bust in 2019.

Nov. 29 3AM. Dennis Young, 45, Tres de Abril, Brgy. San Nicolas Proper, Cebu City. The victim was beaten to death.

Nov. 30, 11AM. Engr. Ponciano Villamil, 63, barangay councilor, land developer and real estate broker, Brgy. Kinasang-an, Cebu City. The victim was shot dead by a lone gunman at So. Adelfa, Brgy. Kinasang-an.

Sources: Banat News, Superbalita Cebu, The Freeman, Sunstar Cebu, Radio DYLA, Facebook

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